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Serving Eastern CT since 1993

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McClintock Roofing has been serving Eastern Connecticut for 17 years. Our extensive experience in residential and light commercial roofing markets

include, shingles, cedar, copper, slate, EPDM, and standing seam metal roofing. Specialty flashing details are easily fabricated in our sheet metal shop.

We offer a 10 year; 100% satisfaction guaranteed warranty on our full roof replacements. Regardless of what the issue is, if we can't make it right to

your satisfaction, we will reimburse you your full original roof cost.


Our crews work safely. Scaffolding with guard rails is erected on all of our steep roof projects. Our employees wear harnesses when required. Our crew members have all taken the OSHA 10 hour safety course. Many roofing companies hire their roofers "under the table" or "as subcontractors." All our crew members are employees and covered by worker's compensation insurance. This protects our employees, but it also protects our customers from law suits if anyone ever got injured working on their property.


We put as much effort into protecting your home and property as we do into replacing your roof. Our scaffolding protects your home from shingle damage

during roof work, and it allows us to throw roof debris directly into our dump

trucks instead of piling it on your lawns or other plantings.


Our memberships and affiliations include the Connecticut Better Business Bureau, The National Roofing Contractors Association, The Northeast Roofing Contractors Association, The Connecticut Roofing Contractors Association, and as mentioned before we are also a Certain Teed Shingle Master Company.

About Us

Many of our employees have been

with us between 5 and 10 years. Our customers love that anyone on our crews can be approached to answer questions concerning their project,

and they will receive a competent

and knowledgeable answer.


We are a Certain Teed Shingle Master Certified Company. To earn the title of Certain Teed Shingle Master Certified Company, at least one job supervisor and two installers from a company have to be qualified as Master Shingle Applicators. 75% of our employees are qualified as Master Shingle Applicators, the remaining employees are on their way to being certified.


We do a full roof and attic inspection prior to submitting any roof proposals. This minimizes surprises before the job starts and assures that your roof proposal is as complete as possible. Nobody ever wonders what is or isn't included after reviewing a McClintock Roofing proposal. McClintock Roofing

is not just roofs; we can complete the chimney, siding, carpentry or gutter work part of your project as well.

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